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llprof version 0.3 Documentation

  • Target version: 0.3.1


  • Flexible Profiler Framework
  • Builtin function:
    • Support language: Python, Ruby
    • Measure execution time and number of execution.
  • You can add supporting language, or mesurements with writing few code.

System Requirements

  • The list below shows only checked by me.

Profiling module

  • Gentoo Linux 11 (64bit)
  • Debian 6.0 (64bit) + Amazon EC2

Profile Server

  • Gentoo Linux 11 (64bit)
  • Debian 6.0 + Amazon EC2

Profile viewer

  • Gentoo Linux 11 (64bit)
    • Firefox 6.0


  • pyllprof/ — Profiling module for Python
    • — Setup script
  • rrprofext/ — Profiling module for Ruby
    • extconf.rb — Script generating Makefile
  • webmon/ — Profile Server
    • Makefile

How to Use Profiling Module

Build scripts for each language available. Use this, or refer this and compile manually.

Profiling Module for Python

  • Import Profiling module (pyllprof)

Profiling Module for Ruby

  • Require Profiling module (pyllprof)
  • Or, use envirnment variable RUBYOPT. Set it to “-r rrprof” then the rrprof module automatically load.

(Example of rdoc + this profiler)

$ export RUBYOPT="-r rrprof"
$ rdoc

Profiling Server

  • Please make with Makefile under 'webmon' directory.
  • It requires boost C++ Libraries
  • You can use Profile Server running 'webmon'
    • Access to 'http://localhost:8020/' with your web browser (Firefox recommended)
    • You can use profile information viewer.

List of Environment Variables

Profiling Module

Variable Name
LLPROF_PROFILE_TARGET_NAME Profile Target Name (Shows on viewer)
LLPROF_CM_HOST Connect target host name [Client Mode]
LLPROF_CM_PORT Connect target port [Client Mode]
LLPROF_CM_INTERVAL Interval retrying connect(seconds) [Client Mode]

For pyllprof only

Variable Name
LLPROF_STARTUP Set CCT toot to Program's Entry point


Variable Name
WEBMON_INTERVAL Interval of getting profiling information from Profileing Modules.
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