I bought GPS Logger (i-gotU GT-900Pro) & wrote reader program

i-gotU GT-900Pro

i-gotU GT-900Pro

Accuracy of my tablet’s GPS is bad. And app for recording is also too bad. So I decided to buy dedicated GPS Logger. I bought i-gotU GT-900Pro. It is watch type GPS logger.

Pros I think:

Cons I think:

  • A little bit large (It’s okay for me)
  • No way to erase GPS logs? (I don’t know. There is a hard reset but it maybe erases configure.)
  • Accessory software is for Windows-only. gpsbabel cannot read data from this device. (It means hard to use in Linux)

I hope to contribute OpenStreetMaps. There is not enough data of some isolated islands. Google Maps is not enough too.
(Currently, OpenStreetMap is better than Google Maps in some islands. But not enough for some islands.)

By the way, it cannot used with gpsbabel. There is some software for i-gotU series supporting Linux.

Former is GUI program written in Java. Latter is too old and maybe not working with GT-900Pro which is newer model. (And it could not build in my environment)
Probably there is no CLI program working with GT-900Pro.

So I wrote a small CLI program in Python. It can be downloaded in my Mercurial repository:

It can read data from GT-900Pro. Purge is not working now. I have been implementing it now. (It’s difficult…)

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