Varanasi to Kathmandu, Mt. Everest


I got out from India, go to Kathmandu, Napal.




  • I see Ganga (Ganges river). It is large river.
  • So many of f**king touts.
  • I visited Marnikanika Ghat. There is also so many cheaters here. They said they need money for wood to burn poor person’s bodies, or person who has no family. They are ABSOLUTE CHEATERS. DO NOT GIVE MONEY! NEVER!
  • They have no humanity. I hate them.
  • I went to airport just in time. But my flight (Air India) is delayed about half hour. I think staff (at least ticket counter staff) should tell me about that, but no kindly staff in there. Moreover, the flight delayed thirty minutes more. Silently.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Around Mt. Everest. It seems that a mountain in center which hides in cloud is Everest.

Around Mt. Everest. It seems that a mountain in center which hides in cloud is Everest.

  • It is a little warm than I expected. (But very cold in night and early morning)
  • I went to Mountain flight to see Mt.Everest by Buddha Air. But I can see only the foot of the mountain because of clouds.
  • It is very quiet than India! Also few garbases in road side. (It is like after festival moment in Japan) So many people cleans entrances their home.
  • Cars and motorcycles drives rough, but a little bit milder than India.
  • So many polices in roads. They do traffic control sufficiently.
  • Interruptions of the power supply happens very frequently. But I think it is almost same as Varanasi. (Perhaps it depends on seasons?)
  • Internet connections is good. Some WiFi spot reaches 700kbps. It is better than India’s hodel I stayed.
  • Many shops of SIM and Smartphones as same as any other cities.
  • So many cables above roads. Power line or signal line? How many used? How it made? It is mysterious.

I’ll go back to home tomorrow, via Delhi.

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